• Roll up your sleeves and get technical.

    Gain access to the core knowledge you need to make IT Transformation a reality. Explore the latest technologies through self-paced labs, technical workshops, interactive demos and 1:1 meetings with our engineers and experts.

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    What are Hands-on Labs?

    Hands-on Labs are on-demand, virtual lab environments designed to deepen your technical skills with real products in real-world scenarios.

    • Self-paced labs. These 60-minute virtual labs cover the breadth and depth of the Dell Technologies’ product and solution portfolio.
    • Technical workshops. Highly interactive classes facilitated by subject matter experts. More than just training, these workshops deepen skills through teamwork and group-based hands-on exercises on focused topics.
    • 1:1 Meetings. Get solutions to your most critical IT challenges in 1:1 whiteboard sessions with our experts and engineers.
    • Interactive demos. Demos are shorter, simulated technical walkthroughs to help you understand product capabilities. Designed for quick conceptual learning, these demos give you a broad understanding of a new product or concept in just 10 to 15 minutes.

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    Top 3 reasons to get hands on.

    Enhance your skills.

    Already own the product and want to deepen your expertise? Training for an exam? Our self-paced labs and technical workshops can help you do your job better, and gain the hands-on experience that is crucial to acing your exams.

    Broaden your knowledge.

    Are you a storage engineer looking to enhance your knowledge of networking? We have a lab for that. Do you have boatloads of client computing knowledge, but are curious about enterprise storage? There’s a lab for that, too. We cover 50+ topics and lab participation is unlimited.

    Become a leader.

    Nothing shows true colors like a test drive. Be the first to experience what’s new from Dell Technologies and help your organization innovate and prepare for what’s next.